Downey Pool Replacement


Owner : City of Los Angeles
Contact : Vijay Sehgal | | (323) 255-4343
Year Project Started : 2009
Year Project Constructed : 2010
Project Cost : $3M
Contract Amount : $ 23,834.25
Address : 1775 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Client : FSY Architects, Inc.
3235 San Fernando Road #2C, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Project Description:
The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks intended to renovate the Downey Pool in East Los Angeles. The Downey Pool, approximately 6,750 square-feet in size was originally built in 1918 and re-built in 1998. In the summer of 2003, approximately 7,200 people used this pool. The Downey Pool has stopped operation about three years ago due to apparent sinking foundation. The project will consist of removal and replacement of the existing pool and the construction of a new activity pool. Downey Pool is an outdoor seasonal pool used to host sports programs in the community such as swim team, synchronized swimming, water polo and lifeguard training programs. The renovation project involved the demolition of the existing deteriorated swimming pool and pump house, and the construction of a new 38’ by 75’ new swimming pool, splash pad and new pump house. Additionally, decorative pool decking, perimeter fencing, landscaping and irrigation are other features of the project. The pool would be operated by the Recreation and Park’s Aquatic Division, which serves over 1.3 million Los Angeles residents each year.

VCA’s Role:
VCA Engineers, Inc. was tasked with various civil engineering design services for the project. Specifically, VCA was involved with demolition of the existing pool facility, as well as with construction of the new pool, pool deck, associated areas, pool accessories and perimeter fencing. Site improvements were also provided including landscaping areas, parking lot, recreational areas, and spectator areas. Existing utility infrastructures such as potable and fire water, storm drain and sanitary sewer were also repaired or replaced.

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