LAX Taxiway S-Enabling Demolition Work

Owner : Los Angeles World Airports
Contact : Paul Nolan | | (310) 954-1818
Year Project Started : 2009
Year Project Constructed : 2011
Project Cost : $152 M
Contract Amount : $572,829
Address : 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Client : Hatch Mott MacDonald
111 Universal Hollywood Dr., Ste. 2100, Universal City, CA 91608

Project Description:

The Taxilane “S” project is part of an overall program at LAX to provide an alternative to the current cross-field routes, and is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of moving aircrafts on the ground. Under a FAA-approved Airport Layout Plan, Taxilane “S” is one of a series of phased projects that will enable LAX to accommodate greater number of larger aircrafts such as the B747-800 and A380, which have a wingspan almost as long as a football field. The first set of airfield infrastructure improvements, for which the design and construction sequence was fully integrated into the overall Midfield Satellite Concourse development program, was the Crossfield Taxiway Project (CFTP).

VCA’s Role:

VCA conducted design activities such as site visits to investigate existing conditions, review of as-built plans, environmental reports, geotechnical reports, and other available documents applicable to the project. Considering all civil engineering conditions, VCA Engineers developed the design and details for demolition, and prepared Technical Specifications and construction documents (plans and specs). VCA incorporated in its design the demolition and removal of all buildings including its foundations, backfill of any basements to level the grade, compaction of the subgrade and pavement of the demolished site with three-inch asphaltic concrete paving, grading to drain the site to existing on-site drainage system, removal of all on-site features to approximately 5 feet from the face of the existing building to be demolished, removal of all underground building service utilities (main and lateral) under the existing building to be demolished, capping of underground wet and dry utilities within the limits of demolition, and repair of new AOA fencing where it was required. Consequently, VCA Engineers submitted these documents to LAWA for review and approval at scheduled milestones, to later incorporate review comments and corrections; and provisioned Bid Phase Services. The scope also encompassed complete demolition design including procurement, review and cull applicable record documents, all utility and building service disconnects, auxiliary building and facility and appurtenance demolition, integration of hazardous materials survey, report and abatement specifications performed by specialist consultant direct to LAWA, owner/tenant salvageables by the demolition contractor, staging- access and AOA fencing, specification section development and drawing coordination with other design disciplines as appropriate; LAWA sustainable design guideline implementation; and building demolition design/contract document package, separate from the Taxiway T construction bid package.

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