Malibu Cross Creek Road Reconstruction


Owner : City of Malibu
Contact : Jan Sandgren | | (818) 291-0200
Year Project Started : 2006
Year Project Constructed : 2008
Project Cost : $2M
Contract Amount : $44,311.00
Address : Cross Creek Road, Malibu, CA 90265
Client : Withers & Sandgren
20948 Tulsa Street, Chatsworth, CA 91011

Project Description:

Cross Creek Road is the main arterial street in the Civic Center area where many public facilities and community activities take place. Cross Creek Road separates two very busy, small commercial centers that are heavily used both by pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The sidewalks, curbs, and gutters are discontinuous and non-existent in many locations. Furthermore there is inadequate on-street parking, an outdated street plan, poor drainage, minimal landscaping, and poor truck delivery access. This project aims to provide more effective travel lanes and convert the right-of-way into a parkway with continuous pedestrian pathways, landscaping, additional on-street parking, and mid-block crosswalks.

VCA’s Role:

VCA provided Civil Engineering Services involving street improvements, which included preparation of necessary construction drawings, paving and grading with ADA considerations and drainage for the road, building roof, and adjacent parking area; review of hydrology and pipe hydraulics for proper storm water management, and preparation of site plans. VCA prepared the construction drawings as required to obtain all permits necessary for the Street Improvement Work, and was also responsible for coordination with the City, their traffic engineer, architect, and sub-consultants.

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