Owner : Metropolitan Transit Authority
Contact : Mervyn Fernandes | fernanmf@stvinc.com | (213) 482-9444
Year Project Started : 2009
Year Project Constructed : On-going
Project Cost : $1M
Contract Amount : $68,641.75
Address : Metro Red Line Stations
Client : STV Group, Inc.
1055 West Seventh Street, Suite 3150, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Project Description:

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) intends to provide a canopy over their fourteen (14) existing entrance portals throughout the Los Angeles area. The design of the canopy was such that it would be a typical roof canopy that will fit the various conditions of the subway portals. The project was to contracted out as 100% design bid build.

VCA’s Role:

VCA’s civil scope of the site improvement entailed the design of the storm water management of the roof drains of the canopies by collecting them from the architecturally designed roof drains and allowing the runoff to curb drain into the municipal street. Method and alignment of the piping and the curb drains varied as each station is unique in its hardscape design and the design has to match existing conditions while conforming to City of LA Standard Plans as the piping outlets to City right of way.

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