MTA Union Station Master Planning


Owner : Metropolitan Transit Authority
Contact : Mike Enomoto | | (323) 937-4270
Year Project Started : 2012
Year Project Constructed : On-going
Project Cost : $ 4,150,000
Contract Amount : $ 99,000
Address : One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA
Client : Gruen Associates
6330 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Project Description:

MTA wants to develop a master plan that will serve as a roadmap for the long range future of the Station and the 40 acres that surround it. The master planning process will encompass near-term passenger and other circulation improvements as well as longer term rail and joint development opportunities, including an analysis of the high speed rail station alternatives. The planning also will look at better access for pedestrians and bicyclist and clearer linkages with Union Station’s neighbors and downtown itself that will support and catalyze activities in the city around the station.

VCA’s Role:

VCA assisted Gruen associates in preparing the report for MTA to do the following items: Mapping of existing conditions both surface and subsurface infrastructures, and Site access and onsite vehicular circulation. VCA was also tasked to assist the team in preparing Union Station Master Plan draft alternative conceptual plans and provide recommendation for the preferred option. The preferred plan will form the basis of development of Union Station, any future design guidelines, updates to environmental documents, revisions to the development agreement with the City of Los Angeles and any zoning changes or variances that may be required. The preferred plan will include the same components as the Draft Alternatives with updated and final plans and accompanying summary memorandums for: Goals and objectives for the USMP, General property description, access and circulation for vehicles and pedestrians, infrastructure plan, phasing strategy and sustainability.

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