Rancho Santiago Community College Digital Media Center

Owner : Rancho Santiago Community College District
Contact : Nan Doelling | ndoelling@arquitectonica.com | (213) 895-7800
Year Project Started : 2004
Year Project Constructed : 2006
Project Cost : $13.5M
Contract Amount
: $14,160
Address : 1300 S Bristol, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Client : Arquitectonica
818 West 7th Street #800, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Project Description:

The Rancho Santiago Community College intends to build a two-story 28,200 SF Professional Building in the City of Santa Ana. The facility, which will be situated in a 52,680 square feet corner lot, will be accessed from two new driveways along South Bristol Street. Surface parking will be in the front and easterly side of the new building. Repair of sidewalks, closure of existing driveway on Wilshire Avenue, and new driveway curb cuts are part of the offsite improvements.

VCA’s Role:

The Civil component has already been designed as an L-shaped site. However, the adjacent property has become available for parking, thus revising the site’s shape to a rectangular site. Accordingly, VCA Engineers prepared the Final Construction Documents by reviewing previous engineer’s design and revised accordingly to fit the new site’s configuration. In addition VCA prepared the final on-site construction drawings such as the General Notes, Legend and Abbreviations, Site Horizontal Control Plan, Grading, Drainage and Paving Plan, Utility Plan (fire, potable and irrigation water, sanitary sewer, and drainage lines), and Miscellaneous Sections and Details. VCA Engineers took full professional responsibility for the civil design previously prepared. Project coordination meetings were attended to. Aside from these, VCA did the bidding and permitting for this project by incorporating any agency plan check comments, assisting in obtaining grading permit and other utility connection permits required to begin construction, responding to Contractor’s questions during bidding, and preparing Bulletins as required clarifying civil design.

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