Santa Monica College Quad


Owner : Santa Monica College District
Contact : Daniel Nolan, AIA, LEED | | (949) 673-0300
Year Project Started : 2007
Year Project Constructed : 2008
Project Cost : $12.5M
Contract Amount : $175,399.20
Address : 1900 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica CA 90401
Client : tBP Architecture
4611 Teller Avenue, Newport Beach, 92660

Project Description:

This project consists of the construction of a center campus quadrangle with the current Drescher Hall on the north, the current Library on the south, the new Liberal Arts building on the west, and the new Theater Arts and Bookstore buildings on the east. The campus quadrangle would provide a main center area ADA accessible path of travel access way between all the buildings of the campus while maintaining fire department access to all the buildings. In addition, the quad area will showcase water features, sitting areas, amphitheaters, grass areas, and notably a sustainable site that retains 100% storm water that percolates underground to recharge the aquifer. The main area to be developed has approximate dimensions of 190 feet by 490 feet or an approximate area of 2.15 acres. Joining existing building frontages and existing walkways and construction of the improvements in phases to maintain campus activity presented constructive challenges to the project

VCA’s Role:

VCA performed the site grading and drainage for specific sites at the campus. VCA prepared the grading that is consistent with the City of Santa Monica’s storm water management regulations and practices. We have used as storm water Best Management Practices the retention of storm water underground in the open areas. VCA prepared calculations of the hydrology and hydraulics of the site to be used for storm water management study and design using the indicated sustainable methods. The grading of the quad area required tight joining to existing grades while maintaining site drainage, rim elevations of mechanical and electrical vaults, and ADA path of travel in all directions.

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