Sybil Brand Institute


Owner : County of Los Angeles
Contact : Mike Retford | (714) 567-2400
Year Project Started : 2008
Year Project Constructed : 2008
Project Cost : $ 250M
Contract Amount : $ 71,000
Address : 4500 East City Terrace Drive, Monterey Park, CA 91754
Client : DMJM H&N
999 Town and Country Road, Orange, CA 92868

Project Description:

The replacement project will include Housing, Administration, Programs and Support Services for the Sybil Brand Institute, specifically modernization of its existing detention and jail facilities. Housing consists of 8 cottage style housing buildings with 128 beds in each, similar to that of Pitchess Detention Center. Administration, Programs and Support Services consist of Custody, Inmate Processing, Central Inmate Services, Health Services, Food and Laundry Services, Central Facilities Services, and Communications. Video visiting is also included. The approximate total area of the facility is 240,000 square feet. The project is currently put on hold but the facility is planned to be re-opened in 2012 as part of the state’s $672 million overhaul of its entire jail system.

VCA’s Role:

Civil Engineering Services provided included assessment of the target development area, programming, design and documentation as required to establish scope and design criteria for site work as relates to the project, parking, paths of travel and walkways, fencing and gates, and other site appurtenances. Cost studies and material quantities were provided to the project’s cost estimator to support extent of work. Site utilities were provided to support all facilities on site. Civil Engineering services also included the completion of Construction Documents to facilitate construction of an early site development package by the Design/Builder. The early package included the access road, grading, utilities relocation, utilities services, construction roads, stormwater management, temporary fencing and site related demolition, including tree relocation where required and recommended. Additionally the project scope included determination of criteria for preparation of the Construction Stormwater Management Plan by the Design/Builder. Civil Engineering services will also include preparation of a feasibility study for a new direct access road as well as access and parking for three site development alternatives.

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