Westchester Golf Course Extension


Owner : City of Los Angeles
Contact : Brian H. Cook | brian.cook@hok.com | (424) 298-4536
Year Project Started : 2008
Year Project Constructed : 2008
Project Cost : $1M
Contract Amount : $93,121.39
Address : 6900 West Manchester Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Client : HOK
9530 Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232

Project Description:

Los Angeles World Airports intends to develop approximately 23 acres of vacant lot north of LAX and east of the existing Westchester Golf Course with 88th Street at the north, McConnell Avenue and Emerson Avenue to the east, and Westchester Parkway to the south. The L-shaped lot will be developed into the extension of the existing golf course to make an 18-hole course.

VCA’s Role:

VCA’s scope of work for this extension project included civil and structural engineering design services. Construction documents were prepared which included civil drawings depicting Site Horizontal and Vertical Control, Site Paving, Grading and Drainage with local Storm Water Management Design (SUSMP), hydrology and hydraulics study, cut and fill, Erosion Control Plans, SWPPP Application (NOI only), Utility Plans, Utility Profiles, Site Sections, and Miscellaneous Sections and Details, including details of critical conditions and connections. Design included storm drain lines and potable water line connection to the street for irrigation connection. For structural drawings, it depicted foundations of new light poles and tall fencing. Applicable specifications for civil and structural work were prepared.

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